Foreigners in France – Opening of the prefecture


Since the beginning of the health crisis, the ministry of the interior has taken several measures that have been transposed on the local scale in order to protect both users and workers. One of the first measures taken consisted in securing the way in which the public is welcome ; this is now possible only by appointment.

These appointments have opened gradually : since the 2nd of June for asylum seekers ; since June 12 for foreign nationals applying for citizenship ; and since June 15 for people applying for residence permit.

Regarding asylum seekers

Certificates of asylum demand that expired between March 16 and June 15 have been extended by 3 months. People who hold such a certificate do not need to do anything before at least June 16.

Regarding citizenship demands

Users whose appointments were cancelled during the lockdown have been summoned again.

Regarding foreign nationals who are regularly present on the French territory

In order to secure their presence, 2 rulings have extended by 6 months the duration of validity of the permits expiring between March 16 and May 15, 2020. The Parliament also voted to extend all permits expiring between May 16 and June 15.

Requesting a permit

To request a permit, users have to comply with the same measures as before ; a request can be submitted via post mail or put in the letterbox.

New online service

Starting from June 15, an online service will be open for all simple procedures (renewal of receipts, copies, travel document for foreign minors, change of address). This online service will allow users to start the procedure online.
All information will be available on the préfecture’s website.

Appointments for already open procedures

The appointments will be possible starting from June, 15 :

  • For all users who couldn’t come during the lockdown and who received a new summon.
  • For all users who applied for residence permit : summons are sent in the order the requests were received and the proceedings are going.

Permit delivery

Users who had to come to the préfecture to receive their permit before the lockdown have been individually contacted in order to send them their permit via post mail.
Starting from June 15, users will be summoned to an appointment in order to receive the permit.


Users can contact the immigration & integration service via post or email, or read the préfecture’s website, which is regularly updated.

For information regarding the follow-up of a file, users can send an email to

For information regarding regulations, foreign nationals can send an email to

Employers of foreign nationals can send an email to

The préfecture’s website is :

Regarding holders of visit entry clearance

Foreign nationals who came to France holding a visit entry clearance and who cannot go back to their country because of the crisis can ask for an extension of their visa. In order for this request to be examined, they have to send to the email address "" the following documents :

  • A copy of the passport (identity page, visa page, entry stamp page) ;
  • An accommodation certificate in Puy-de-Dôme, as well as a copy of the ID card or residence permit of the host ;
  • All proofs of the impossibility to go back to the country of origin (such as cancellation of a flight).

If the request is granted, these people will receive via email and as soon as possible :

  • A provisional residence permit ("APS"), digitalised and without photo ;
  • A certificate from the préfecture explaining that, due to exceptional circumstances, the permit could not be given in any other way.

In case of a police control, and until the departure from French territory, these people will have to give their passport and these two documents.

Read the press release (format pdf - 58.2 ko - 23/06/2020)